In a magical world, people and spirits are at the edge of war. The peace lays in the hands of four children, who set out on an epic adventure to find the Golden Apple – a mythical artifact, which has the power to fulfil wishes.

Meet Vihra – the daughter of a Zmei (storm spirit); Tina – a  young samodiva (water nymph); Vlad and Bran – two young Kuker worriors, sworn to protect the humans from agressive spirits and evil.

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The Story

In a vast mountain world, where the ancient spirits walk the forests and the Kuker warriors protect the humans from evil, we meet Vihra. She is a 14-year-old headstrong girl, whose hair is a cloud and changes with her mood. She is the daughter of a Zmei – a spirit of storms, and a human – the mayor of the industrious city of Khan.

When war is about to break out in her hometown between humans and spirits, Vihra sneaks out to find the golden apple and use its’ magical powers to restore the peace and save her family.

She is joined by Vlad and Bran – two brothers who dream of becoming Kuker warriors and need the magical apple to restore the lost Kuker guide (a book holding the secrets of all Kuker magic), and Tina – a little samodiva nymph, with angelic voice and mischievous personality, who wants to escape the small world of the forest, she has never before left.

They are not the only ones looking for the apple though. Will they find it before it is too late?. Read More »

The Idea

Map of the World

The Golden Apple is a fantasy animated series, inspired by Balkan mythology and folklore. Although based in an exotic fantasy setting, the narrative will deal with contemporary issues, with which the modern viewer of all ages can easily associate.

It is a coming of age story with relatable characters, set in a diverse and complicated fantasy world, faced with climate change, the effects of industrialisation, social exclusion and prolonged conflict. The story features action, adventures, humour, mystery and even a touch of romance.

For the main characters, the apple itself signifies a pain free, seemingly fast external solution to their internal problems, while the conflicts in their journey push them to make hard decisions, choose sides, take responsibility for their actions and face their worst fears.

Explore the World of The Golden Apple


Vihra is an energetic and curious girl, who prefers action and adventures to beautiful dresses. She has inherited some of her Zmei father’s abilities but she still hasn’t learned to control them.

Her hair is a cloud, which changes with her mood – it’s fluffy and clear blue when she’s calm, and darker, with little lightnings in it when she’s angry.

She has grown up in Khan where humans and spirits co-exist peacefully. As the daughter of the two leading town figures, she’s used to attending social events and tries to be as classy and knowledgeable as her mother but is better at being outdoors, where her father teaches her to throw lightnings and tells her funny stories about spirits.

Vihra is curious, headstrong and very determined, which sometimes gets her in trouble. In the beginning of the series, she is also pompous and slightly naive, because of the way she was treated in Khan. Still, she is very kind hearted and believes that both spirits and people should co-exist peacefully next to each other.


Bran is a 16-year-old boy from the mountain town of Kukerovo. It is a place where the forest spirits are aggressive, so all his life he has believed all spirits are evil.

Even though he is the older of two brothers, Bran is small for his age. To compensate, he is overenergetic, very loud and impulsive – a real hurricane. He often gets in trouble and his younger brother Vlad has to help him.

Bran dreams of being a great warrior. Together with his brother Vlad he’s studying and training to become a Kuker warrior, so that he can fight the evil spirits using magic steps and bells (Chans).

VladVlad is the younger of the two Kuker brothers. He is big and very strong, which has made him a bit slow, lumbering and very careful not to break anything. Vlad is very calm, gentle and very polite. He speaks little and with a hint of good-natured sarcasm. For him knowledge is the greatest power and books are sacred, so he is constantly reading, even when walking.

Although timid and shy, when Vlad puts on his Kuker costume and enters a battle – he becomes a confident and skilled warrior. He knows the Kuker guide by heart and often cites it to his impulsive brother Bran.

Tina Pakostina

Tina-Pakostina is Vihra’s best friend. She is a 15-year-old Samodiva nymph, who is mischievous, very talkative and likes playing jokes. Tina belongs to a conservative Samodiva tribe from the forest near the town of Khan, but she is curious about the world outside her forest so every chance she gets, she sneaks out in search of adventures with Vihra.

As a samodiva nymph, she can influence nature around herself trough her song and dance. Tina is also a healer. She knows all the plants and their properties and can mix all sorts of potions.

Tina is quite feminine and cares greatly about her appearance. When she moves about, she floats above the ground – although she occasionally experiments with walking and complains about it.

Iskra 1

Iskra is Vihra’s mother. She is a human and many years ago arrived in the city of Khan as a teacher. She is now the mayor and the leading figure in the city’s social and public life.

Iskra is the type of person, who looks at you and you realise she already knows everything, so it’s better if you just admit anything there is to admit. :)

Iskra is strict, confident and likes rules, quick to take a decision before a new problem arises. She is trying to bring up Vihra as a lady and is always teaching her etiquette and social manners.

Iskra and Vulkan Zmei (Vihra’s dad) are a loving family and even during the conflict and the open divide between humans and spirits (season 1), both of them work as a team to find a solution and stop an open war from happening.

Vulkan Zmei (Human Form)

Vulkan is Vihra’s father. He is a Zmei (spirit of the storms), so his hair and beard are made of clouds. Vulkan is the leader of the spirits in the city of Khan and one of the few spirits married to a human. Respected and loved by both spirits and humans, he is good- natured and loves telling stories and jokes, winning time to think about a problem for a while and consider all sides, before taking a decision.Zmei no BG

Some spirits and people consider him soft because of this…but when Vulkan gets angry or his family is in danger, he becomes a personified force of nature! His spirit form is a giant serpent-like creature, which can control lightning storms, clouds and fog. Like Vihra, Vulkan Zmei prefers spending his time in the outdoors, rather than the city life.


The sheep from Kuber mountain are born with wool of unique and colourful patterns. This is due to the high concentration of forest spirits in the region, who ramble and roam freely around their pastures.

The Sheep (Harry) is the comic relief character of the series. Throughout the season, we will see him at random moments somewhere near our characters – always munching away on something, always completely casual and uninterested in the events taking place in the story. He often overcomes obstacles faced earlier by our characters with unparalleled cool and ease.

The spirits are a variety of species, each personifying a different force of nature, dream, fear, disease, season, etc. Some of the more common ones are:

The Kara-kondjuls are small, mischievous spirits. In small numbers they are mostly harmless, but when a lot of them gather – they can be deadly.

The Strashnik is a large forest spirit, whose main purpose is to protect the forest from intruders and scare them off. It rarely leaves its forest unless something provokes him to do so.


The Greycloaks are a group of mercenaries of various tribes – people who have left their land after they used up all the resources in it and practically turned it into a wasteland. They believe this was because of the spirits living there, and so they hate spirits with a passion and hunt them down wherever they go.

The goal of their horde is to find a new place to settle down, and they are slowly moving towards Kuber Mountain, where the golden apple is. On their way, they aggressively try to push out the native inhabitants off the lands they live on, and enslave all spirits they encounter. The Greycloaks are the main antagonists of season one.

It is widely known that after a prolonged conflict in a place called Eagle Mountain, the Greycloaks set ablaze the entire mountain and all the forests, out of frustration from the resistance of the people and spirits there. The blaze turned Eagle Mountain into scorched earth and nothing lives there now.

Kukerovo Gates

Kukerovo is Vlad and Bran’s hometown. It is one of the few towns and villages located in a secluded valley, vastly populated by aggressive forest spirits – nightmares, talasumi and ills, to name a few. However, Kukerovo is also home to the Kuker – a clan of specially trained fighters who use their special suits and bells (Chans) to scare, fend off or fight the various spirits around the settlements.

Each of the different towns in the valley has a different Kuker clan, with different traditions and different types of Kuker, but the biggest town in the area is Kukerovo.

Kukerovo also holds and guards The Kuker Guide. It is a huge, very old book, containing hundreds of recipes, designs and detailed information on how to create the special Kuker bells, which the Kuker use to fight spirits.

The Kuker Guide

The Kuker Guide is a huge, very old book, containing hundreds of recipes, designs and detailed information on how to create the special Kuker bells, which the Kuker use to fight spirits.

Each spell of the Kuker is cast by making a selection of steps and sounds with the Kuker bells, unique to that spell. The different “spells” of the Kuker have various effects on the spirits, most of which are aimed at scaring or intimidating them. However, the more powerful spirits are not affected by these moves, so the Kuker are also trained to fight them using more complex dances and various specialised weapons.

Each class of Kuker is aimed at a different class of spirit, as different spirits have immunity to different bells. Only the oldest and most experienced Kuker elders – the Babuger, can battle with any type of spirit. The different types of Kuker in Kukerovo and the surrounding cities and villages protect all the residents in the cities and the field workers, and also escort convoys in and out of the area. They very rarely leave their valley, and never trust spirits.

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