The Golden Apple is a fantasy animated series created by Studio Zmei, intended for television and new digital platforms.

The Golden Apple is a fantasy-adventure animated series, based on Balkan legends and folklore. Two successful crowdfunding campaigns led to the creation of the short film Legend of the First Kuker Warrior (2016) and The Golden Apple Series pilot episode (2019). The pilot episode won the Bulgarian National Television’s competition for animated films, receiving their co-production.

Technical details:

  • Age Rating: 6-12+
  • 2D animated series
  • 13 episodes x 24 mins (scalable)
  • Action, Adventure, Comedy

Development until now:

  • International distribution – Dandelooo
  • Proven audience interest
  • Successful Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns
  • Established active fanbase in Eastern Europe
  • Successful merchandise production & sales
  • Interested broadcasters from Bulgaria and USA

Next step:

  • Looking for buyers
  • Looking for co-producers