The production company behind The Golden Apple animation series is Studio Zmei. We are a team of young but experienced animation and film professionals, united by a common idea. We work mostly in an online environment and it is safe to say we are a cloud based animation studio. Our team members are located all over the world and are collaborating through project and content management web applications.

The Golden Apple is an action-adventure series aimed at a wide demographic – starting at children 9-12, but also exploring themes which would interest an older audience. The rating of the show is 8+, with a target audience of both boys and girls.

Each season will consist of 13 episodes, 26 minutes each. It is an animated prime-time adventure epic, in which children will like the action-adventure element, and older audiences will enjoy the exotic setting and contemporary themes of the show. Each episode will follow our main characters’ jourey through the mystical land and will have a stand-alone narrative, under the general storyline of looking for the golden apple.

By resolving their own personal story arcs, our characters will find a way to resolve the bigger issues in their homes. The show will also introduce the viewer to a new and interesting world, drawing on source material widely unknown to the contemporary western audience.

Modern day story in an exotic setting

Due to its geographical location, Eastern European mythology and folklore seamlessly blend influences from Asian nomads, the Orient, Ancient Greece, the Thracian and the European Slavic cultures, the result being something completely new and interesting, but still European. The show will rely heavily on these exotic elements for its visual style and inner world logic. However, it is a coming of age story with relatable characters, which will address serious, modern topics in a lighthearted manner. The story will feature a lot of humour, adventures, action, mystery and even a touch of romance.

The fantasy world is inhabited by a variety of creatures, roughly divided into forest spirits and humans. Human technology is equivalent to the 16th-17th century of our world.

The spirits are a variety of species, each personifying a different force of nature, dream, fear, disease, season, etc. They will look like a merge between a special effect and something physical – for instance, the Zmei will look like a storm cloud (effect) with a physical face. Their physical part is inspired and based either on animals, or traditional Eastern European masks and elements.

The series is currently in pre-production. We are also looking for potential investors and distributors, who would like to help us finance and create The Golden Apple. If you would like to help us, please contact us at contact@goldenappleseries.com