Behind the Scenes – Vihra early sketches

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This is the first from a series of blog updates where we’ll take you through the early stages of character design and visual development for The Golden Apple animated series. Read on if you want to see what Vihra looked like in the beginning :-)

The following sketches are from the first few months of development, the so called “blue sky” stage where various different ideas were considered. At this point Vihra was a bit older and the style of the show was yet to be determined.

Vihra sketches (Antonia Doncheva)

Antonia Doncheva’s sketches were among several early designs we considered for Vihra.

Vihra Turnarround

We knew right from the start that Vihra would have a cloud instead of hair. While looking for the right direction for the design, we also decided she should be younger.

The design team went through lots of ideas until we finally had the Vihra we wanted. The final version is 14-year-old Vihra. Her design was created by Svetla Radivoeva, who also helped develop the visual style of the whole show, along with the female costumes.

Vihra sketches (Svetla Radivoeva)

We were curios to see what Vihra would look like with different hairstyles… Some were pretty funky :-)

Vihra hair brainstorming

We also tried versions with or without a fringe. Well… we decided against the fringe, plus Vihra didn’t quite like it herself.

(These were slightly older versions of Vihra’s design (not finalised), hence her different expression)

Vihra fringe

Another important decision we had to make was about the style and colour of Vihra’s accessories.

Vihra Scarf

Vihra prestilka

Vihra hair and scarfVihra tattoos

And in the end… you know that ‘cool’ look she has here? (designed in December 2013)

Vihra Leaning

It all started with this (initially sketched in August 2013)

Vihra leaning sketch

Watch this space for our next Behind the Scenes updates!


  1. Владимир Ладев Reply

    Хареса ми удобрителното ” :) !! -> ” върху скицата с израженията на вихра хаха

  2. Кристиян Атанасов Reply

    Браво! Правилното cartoony усещане! :)

  3. Ивайло Стоянов Reply

    Едно голямо Браво. Но защо правя аналогия с косата на Мерида от смело сърце.

  4. Тихомир П. Reply

    Аз съм баща на една Вихра, колкото Малечка-Палечка и определоно тази Вихра ми харесва … особено както се облегнала на дувара. Браво!

  5. Иглика Игнатова Reply

    Не знам дали сте се спрели умишлено на синя коса, но според мен не е много удачно…

  6. The Golden Apple Reply

    Вихра има облаче вместо коса – дизайнът е съобразен с това :-)

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