Vihra is a young, curious half-human and half-Zmei spirit. She daughter of the Mayor of the city of Khan – Iskra and the Leader of the spirits of Khan – Vulkan Zmei. Vihra has inherited some of her father’s magical powers, but she is unable to use them to their full potential.

When angered or endangered she can summon thunderbolts and mists, and even affect the weather, but her skills are unreliable and she has a hard time using them at will. Her appearance is that of a human and only her cloudy, blue hair reveals her magical ancestry. Loved by the entire city, Vihra enjoys her peaceful, happy life, darkened only by her parents’ high expectations. She is bright, headstrong and filled with energy. Her curious nature and unrelenting determination often get her in trouble, but she always finds her way out of it.

However she feels very insecure when it comes to her responsibilities as a daughter of Khan’s leaders. She doesn’t like taking charge and being in the public eye. The courageous girl is oblivious to the war that is brewing between humans and spirits, instead spending her days training her Zmei powers and avoiding boring lessons.



Tina-Pakostina is a beautiful Samodiva spirit, who lives in the ancient woods, surrounding the city of Khan, along with her equally ancient family. She is very confident, outspoken and at times – charmingly delusional about her own capabilities. The young spirit is bored with the traditional Samodiva life of endless parties, and believes that meant for great adventures. Bubbly, mischievous and somewhat of a rebel, she dreams of traveling the world and finding a place that she is appreciated for how special she is.

Tina is a talented healer, her song and dance can affect nature and she knows the magical uses of many plants. Like most Samodiva spirits she floats above the ground, but when the need calls for it she is willing to experiment with walking. She takes great pride in her femininity and cares a lot about her appearance. Her long, red hair and magical Smodiva veil are her pride and honor.



Bran is a Junior Kuker warrior and the older of the Kuker brothers. Born and raised in the capital of the Kuker Lands – Kukerovo, he dreams of becoming a great Kuker warrior and fighting evil spirits. He is small of stature, but that doesn’t affect his big personality. Bran is loud and hotheaded, and a bit of a show off. He prefers actions over planning. His impulsive nature and tendency to speak what’s on his mind often put him in tough situations. He is very biased against magical creatures and believes that it is his duty to protect humanity.

This is why when the Kukerguide is stolen he is quick to rush after the thief without asking questions. When the book is destroyed in the battle of Khan, he and Vlad have no choice, but to join Vihra and Tina in the search of the Golden Apple. However, they hide the fact that they plan on using it to wish the Kukerguide back to existence.



Vlad is the younger of the Kuker brothers. Just like Bran he hopes to one day become a great Kuker warrior, but he is much more patient in the pursue of his dream. His big, strong build contrasts with his timid, calm nature. He is slow and careful, always doing his best to not break anything or hurt anyone. Vlad is painfully shy, but when he feels comfortable he reveals his sharp wit and intelligence.

He loves studying and is knows a lot about the world, but tends to depend too much on what he has read in books and too little on his own experience. His favorite subject to read about is Kukers and he is full of trivia about magical spells and famous warriors. He unconditionally trusts his Kuker superiors and he doesn’t hesitate to set on a mission to retrieve the stolen Kukerguide.



Damian is a rich rose oil merchant from Khan, who is well respected by both humans and spirits. An oligarch, he is focused solely on profit, his one desire being to buy more rose field and build more distilleries, so he can become richer and more powerful. His immaculate manners hide his cruel, ruthless nature.

Damian cunningly manipulates everybody into believing he wants what is best for the city of Khan, while in reality he is a bigot, who can barely hide his hatred for spirits. He believes that humans are superior and his sinister plan is to enslave all magical creatures of Khan, and force them to work for him in his rose fields. He is vicious and ready to destroy anyone on his path to success.

Vulcan Zmei


Vulkan Zmei is the leader of the spirits in the city of Khan and Vihra’s father. He is a tall, strong man, with blue, cloudy beards and hair, but his tough exterior hides a calm and patient nature. Vulkan prefers to solve problems peacefully and unhurriedly, only after he has reflected on them. He is very wise and both spirits and humans respect him.

He possesses a giant Zmei form, that he can assume at will, and when need calls for it he is a fearsome warrior.He loves Iskra and always supports her decisions. They are a strong, caring couple and everybody in Khan looks up to them. He is very carefree and fun to be around, so Vihra enjoys his attention. Vulkan often spoils his daughter, but that is only because he loves her so much. In his eyes she is still his little girl and he tries to shield her from the world. As she grows up though, he attempts to teach her how to master her Zmei magic.



Iskra is the mayor of the humans of Khan and the mother of Vihra. She is beautiful and graceful, but also incredibly though. A strict, but loving woman, she deeply cares about her family and her city. Intelligent and diplomatic, the once teacher values knowledge and diplomacy over all else. Her biggest priority is keeping the peace between humans and spirits and she would stop at nothing to achieve it.

She sometimes appears hard and too focused on her work, but in reality she is very kind and loves her family. Her stern nature tends to create conflicts between her and Vihra, but in reality Iskra just wants what is best for her daughter. She knows the young half-Zmei is a strong, smart girl, who is able to achieve more than she gives herself credit for. The two have a hard time admitting, that they are very similar.

She loves her husband dearly, and is always smitten by him, even though his jokes can be immature.

Samodiva Spirits


Samodivas are spirits that protect the forest and streams. They possess powers over nature and the ability to make plants grow with their songs and dance. However, they can also use their voices to enchant humans and keep them trapped in their forests, dancing with them forever. They are healers and know how to care for any wound.

A Samodiva’s most important possession is her veil – without it she cannot use her powers to their full capacity and the one who possesses her veil can control her. The different Samodiva tribes wear their veils in different ways and have different believes. The Khan Samodivas enjoy human company and parties, while the ones living in the Kuker Lands prefer watching the people from afar and helping them in secret.

The Samodivas from the Kuber Mountains rather keep away from men, and the ones, who used to live on Eagle Mountain fear and openly mistrust human beings.

Kuker Warriors


The Kukers are the humans, living in the Kuker Lands. They are hard, strict people, who are forced to always be on the lookout for the evil spirits that inhabit their homeland. This is why most of their culture and lives revolve around the Kuker warriors – men and women, who protect the humans against the menacing magical creatures. It is considered an honor to be a Kuker warrior.

There are many miners and blacksmiths, who create Chan bells and amours. They value order and safety and are very organized in everything they do. Their villages are always protected by Chan bells and some are even surrounded by tall walls. The Kukers’ history remembers the dark times, before they had Kuker warriors and this is why they are very cautious and protective of their homes. Behind the tough exterior, however, most of the Kukers are good, friendly people, who would always lend a helping hand.



The Greycloaks are a collection of nomadic tribes, ruled by a council of chiefs. They are cold, vicious people, who prioritize their own survival over anything else. Their thick travel cloaks, colored grey by the ashes of the lands they have burned, are the reason for the Greycloaks’ name.

Having mastered the creation of iron and gunfire, they use their weapons to enslave any spirit they come by. For generations they had lived on Eagle Mountain, draining its natural resources and destroying its forests, until the once rich and beautiful lands turned into an empty, rocky desert.

Balkandzhis … and their sheep


Balkadzhis are humans, who live on the Kuber Mountains. They are tough,hardy folk, who have battled the odds and the ancient magic of their homeland.They live in small settlements and generally keep to themselves.

They believe inhard work, they never take the easy way out and don’t have an interest in lookingfor the Golden Apple. The prefer to not bother the local spirits, in hopes that thespirits won’t bother them either, living in a strange, unspoken symbioses. Theyenjoy having fun and often organize ram races and different competitions.

Life inthe wild Kuber Mountains is hard, because the strong magic leaves its imprint oneverything. Even the sheep all have strange, vibrant colors, but instead of worryingmuch about it, the Balkandjees take pride in the shades of the animals they herd.The only thing that seems to be unaffected by the enchantment of the KuberMountains is the Balkandjees themselves. Many believe that these men and womenare just too stubborn to let anything have an impact on them, unless they decide so– even powerful, ancient magic.



Moras are wild spirits that vary in size. Their name comes drom their dark, bruise-violet colour. They feed on the life force of plants,animals and humans, and grow bigger and bigger.

Known for their terrifyingwhispers and cruelty, they are one of the more dangerous spirits, living in theKuker Lands.

Soor Deer


Soor deer are the companions of the Samodivas. Their appearance is ethereal and celestial, they have the ability to fly, and they can find their way by gazing at the stars.

Some Samodivas simply raise these beautiful creatures for their companionship, while others ride them into battle.



Karakodzhuls are mischievous spirits that can be found in the wild, especiallyaround crossroads.

Their favorite thing to do is toying with lost travelers. Whileharmless alone, when a lot of them gather, they can turn into a great threat They are strongand fast, and have the ability to lift heavy objects.



Nightmares are evil spirits, who feed on the fear of living creatures. They have the ability to weave nightmares and trap humans within them, feasting on their terror. It is extremly hard to escape their web of illusions, as they are ready to do anything to keep their victims withing the terrifying dream they have created.