Meet the Team – Dimitar Petrov (Creator of the Project)

My biggest inspiration is seeing the show come together and the amazing work our team is producing.

1. Where were you born and where have you lived?
I was born in Sofia, Bulgaria. I have lived in a lot of places (more than 16 cities I think :-) ) amongst which are London (UK), Sofia, Plovdiv, Ardino, Smolyan and others (Bulgaria).

2. Where have you studied / are you studying?
I have graduated from the University of Westminster in London, UK.

3. Where have you worked and where do you work now?
I have been working in animation since I was a teenager, first in game studios, then in several other companies. Before starting to work on The Golden Apple I was employed by Cartoon Network Studios Europe. I also do freelance work for advertising companies and other studios.

4. What is your involvement in the project?
Well, I created The Golden Apple. :-) I’m the Showrunner. On a day to day basis, I oversee the visual development of the show, the designs, the writing and the overall direction of the project. I am also doing a lot of coordination, administration and all kinds of organisational tasks.

5. What inspires you and what motivates you to keep working on the project?
My biggest inspiration is seeing the show come together and the amazing work our team is producing. It is really cool to witness how a mere idea is taking shape and is coming to life, and see so many people investing their energy and dedication to make it happen. :-)

6. What is your favourite colour?
I think it might be bluish… I think :-)

7. Have you seen a Kuker before? What was it like?
Yes I have, on several occasions. It is always different, slightly scary but always interesting. Also, under the masks, all of the Kuker I know are awesome people.

8. Which is your favourite place in the world?
That would be somewhere I am for the first time, probably a mountain.

9. What inspires you?
All sorts of things inspire me, but mostly interesting stories.

10. What three magical powers do you possess?
I don’t know yet.

11. What magical powers would you like to possess? What would you do with them?
Probably something to do with time. Then I would be able to do even more, travel more and sleep more! :-)

12. Would you like to live in a magical world and which one?
I don’t think I would like to live in a magical world… our world can be pretty magical and interesting on its own.

13. If you find the Golden Apple, what would you do with it?
Watch the series and you’ll find out. :-)

14. If you could choose to be a character from the Golden Apple world, which one would you be?
A Zmei! Maybe even Vulkan Zmei himself. :-)

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