Meet the Team – Militsa Gladnishka (Voice actor)

I was so taken by the beauty and the successful representation of the Balkan folklore, that I immediately wrote to the team, asking them to call me for a casting, even if it’s only to play a tree.

Militsa Gladnishka
1. Where were you born and where have you lived?

I was born in Sofia and live here to this day. :)

2. Where have you studied?
Between 1st and 7th grade I attended school №66, which my mother had also attended. Then I transferred to an experimental school and this turned out to be a fantastic decision! I transferred with a friend. There I met some wonderful teachers and friends. This school truly changed my life. We had so much fun! We had our own show and parallel to studying, we were slowly taking over the stage as well.

3. Where have you worked and where do you work now?
Oh, I’ve worked all sorts of things. I’ve been a call center operator, a waitress, a barmaid, a copywriter, a translator. I believe there is no shameful work. It’s shameful if laziness and prejudices make you live in misery or live on other people’s backs.
I like diversity and that’s why I usually work on several things at the same time. I’m currently doing voice-acting, theatre, music. I love my… work. ;)

4. What is your involvement in the project?
A leading one! I am a mythological creature, personifying some of nature’s powers. I am a sentinel and warrior, with a gentle face but fearless to stand against anyone, threatening the forest or its inhabitants. I play a playful samodiva spirit. But I can’t give away too much info yet. ;)

5. What inspired you to join and what motivates you to be part of the project?
I remember Vihra Baeva (the folklore consultant of the project) posting on Facebook that she’s joined The Golden Apple team and sharing some artwork. I was so taken by the beauty and the successful representation of the Balkan folklore, that I immediately wrote to the team, asking them to call me on a casting, even if it’s only to play a tree. :) I’m so happy they responded and I can’t wait to start work on the voicing of the character!
I hadn’t seen an animation so beautiful and so Bulgarian. Our fairytales, songs, legends and traditions carry the raw power of the olden times and it’s not easy to take them out of the imagination and put them in a painting.

6. What is your favourite colour?
There is one complex colour: a mixture between blue and grey, but with a touch of green. I love all colours, but this one is my favourite.

7. Have you seen a Kuker before? What was it like?
Of course I’ve seen one. But I’ve never seen a Kara-kondjul spirit, a Talasum spirit or a samodiva spirit and I really want to. Maybe the Kukers have scared them so well that they don’t come out of the deep forests anymore.

8. Which is your favourite place in the world?
The forest and also my room. Both lead to adventures. The forest is full of life, colours, smells and is still resisting the brutal greed of humans. The sea is all but destroyed… And my room – it’s like Ali Baba’s cave – full of treasures! There are books, paintings, precious gems, bird feathers, beetles, magic dust and… ordinary dust, when I haven’t cleaned. :) There’s also an Xbox. I love video games! A lot!

9. What inspires you?
Nature, music and good people.

10. What three magical powers do you possess?

  • I laugh and admire the nature.
  • I don’t complain and don’t live in the past.
  • I apologise when I make a mistake.

11. What magical powers would you like to possess? What would you do with them?
I dream of having the power to persuade people to respect and protect life. Everything would be different then. No one would suffer. Not the planet, nor the animals of humans.

12. Would you like to live in a magical world and which one?
I already live in one. ;) When I say “Open sesame” the doors of the subway train open. I have a box with miniature people acting in it (TV). We have dragons taking us to unknown lands on their wings. In general, we live in a world of fairytales, but we know there are also villains in this world.

13. If you find the Golden Apple, what would you do with it?
I would grate it and serve it to my grandma. She loves apples. :) And the seeds I would plant in the garden.

14. If you could choose to be a character from the Golden Apple world, which one would you be?
Tina-Pakostina of course. ;)

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