Meet the Team – Yuriy Georgiev (Character designer)

I was a highly specialized assassin deployed in Zurich. And before that I hunted dragons off the coasts of India.

1. Where were you born and where have you lived?
I was born in Sofia. I’ve lived in Sofia. And I continue living in Sofia. I’m boring.

2. Where have you studied?
I’ve graduated from the Technical University of Sofia. I studied Applied Maths there. It was hard…

3. Where have you worked and where do you work now?
I’m currently working as a character artist in Ubisoft Sofia. Before that I was a game designer in Gameloft Sofia. Before that I was a highly specialized assassin deployed in Zurich. And before that I hunted dragons off the coasts of India.

4. What is your involvement in the project?
I am a character designer. Sssooo… I design characters. And their costumes.

5. What inspired you to join and what motivates you to be part of the project?
I decided that I want to be part of the project when I saw Vihra’s run cycle test. I’m still not entirely sure why this made me want to join. But I did. Ta-daaa!

6. What is your favourite colour?

7. Have you seen a Kuker before? What was it like?
I only saw a Kuker live when we went on that research trip to Kovachevtsi with the team. It was amazing!

8. Which is your favourite place in the world?
That would beeeee… I have no idea where. The world is my favourite place in the world.

9. What inspires you?
Everything? I get a lot of inspiration out of books, pictures, movies, music… Nature in general is the greatest source of inspiration out there!

10. What three magical powers do you possess?
I can grow my nails at an exceptionally average speed! I am also able to eat enormous quantities of cheese. Aaaaand… I have laser-vision.

11. What magical powers would you like to possess? What would you do with them?
Time travel seems to be pretty nifty. I’d probably use it to do good. Then, inadvertently, mess everything up. And then – look at dinosaurs.

12. Would you like to live in a magical world and which one?
I’d really like it if this world turned out to be very magical. That would be cool. Maybe scary too.

13. If you find the Golden Apple, what would you do with it?
Golden fruit salad?

14. If you could choose to be a character from the Golden Apple world, which one would you be?
One of those colourful sheep probably. They seem happy. Also, I’d be adorable as hell!

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  1. Димана Златанова, художник Reply

    Проектът Златната ябълка е далеч от родната символика, орнаменти – стилознание, етнография и епични легенди (не можем да виним младите Автори, защото истината за Българската цивилизация все още липсва в Просветата ни!).

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