The Golden Apple faviconThe show was created by Dimitar Petrov – a Bulgarian born animator, graduate of The University of Westminster in London, UK. Dimitar has worked for companies such as Cartoon Network Studios Europe, HUTS JWT and Strata advertising. He is the lead writer of the show and head of visual development.

The Golden Apple faviconThe producer of the show is Elena Rapondzhieva. Having graduated in Communication and Media in the UK, she has worked as a producer and/or project manager for multiple companies and festivals such as the East Winds International Film Festival, Kinematograf LIVE, RCR Films Spain and Worldwide FX.

The Golden Apple faviconThe visual style of the show was developed with the help of our lead designer Svetla Radivoeva – another Bulgarian born artist. She is responsible for Vihra’s character design and created the guides for the female costumes. Svetla currently works as a CG animator at Walt Disney Animation studios.

The Golden Apple faviconEmilie Timmermans is our animation consultant. Emilie is a Belgium animator and illustrator, who has worked for Cartoon Network Studios Europe, La Fabrique d’Images, Walking the dog and others.

The Golden Apple faviconStanislav Tsvetkov is our animation supervisor. He has studied art, sculpture and wood carving at the National School of Applied Arts. He started his career as an animation assistant and then progressed to lead animator at Venelin Animation Studio Sofia. He is currently a 2D animator there.

The Golden Apple faviconMarta Andreeva is one of our background designers. She is studying European Media Studies at the University of Potsdam. During the last year Marta worked as an Illustrator at Stenarts (Berlin, Germany).

The Golden Apple faviconMargarita Stamenova is another animator in our team. She has studied Animation in the National academy for theatre and film arts (NATFA) and has worked mainly on short team projects or freelanced around. She is currently a concept artist in TabTale studios.

The Golden Apple faviconTeodora Filipova is our technical animation consultanт. She has studied Illustration and animation at the European institute of design in Milan (IED Milano), where she’s currently working as a motion graphics teacher and a thesis assistant. She’s also a freelance illustrator/ animator/VJ.

The Golden Apple faviconElena Nikolova is another animator in the team. She is studying animation directing in New Bulgarian University and will be graduating in 2015. Elena has been working at Tabtale studios as 2D (cutouts) animator since August 2014.

The Golden Apple faviconOne of the character designers in the team is Yuriy Georgiev. He is a graduate from the Technical University of Sofia with a degree in Applied mathematics and informatics. He has worked as a game designer in Gameloft and as a freelance illustrator. He is currently a character artist at Ubisoft Sofia.

The Golden Apple faviconPetja Evlogieva is one of the assistant animators in our team. She has studied Animation in New Bulgarian University. Petja has worked as an animation assistant on the Warner Bros. series and feature film “Kleiner Dodo”, and also has experience as a 2D artist in Gameloft. She has her own tattoo studio and is working on a few parallel projects.

The Golden Apple faviconVessy Ivanova is one of the assistant animators on our team. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation from California College of the Arts, in San Francisco. Her work includes animation and design for mobile games, as well as collaborations on independent films.

The Golden Apple faviconAnother character designer in our team is Alexander Trayanov.

The Golden Apple faviconAnother designer in our team is Rafaila Raikova. She graduated with an Illustration degree from the National High School of Fine Arts “Ilia Petrov” and has worked as a storyboard artist in student movies. She is currently studying Illustration in the National Academy of Art in Sofia.

The Golden Apple faviconMomchil Stepanov is our voice talent consultant and the voice of Vlad in Bulgarian. He has a degree in acting for drama theater from NATFA, Bulgaria. After graduating he has been working as a freelance actor – mainly dubbing for advertising clips and the Bulgarian versions of films, such as Frozen, Hotel Transylvania, The Lorax, Wander over Yonder, Vampire Diaries etc.

The Golden Apple faviconJivko Jouranov is voicing Bran in Bulgarian. He has a degree from NATFA for Puppeteering and currently works in State Puppet Theatre – Plovdiv. He has starred in and has voiced numerous television and film productions and is part of the first group for improvisation theatre in Bulgaria – HaHaHa ImPro Theatre.

The Golden Apple faviconAleksandra Dimitrova is our brand manager, developing the marketing strategy and positioning of The Golden Apple. She has studied Industrial Management in the Technical University Sofia (Bulgaria) with focus on managing business processes. Currently she is part of the Mtel Brand management team.

The Golden Apple faviconIvan Koritarev is a designer and storyboard artist for the show. Besides comic books, he has also done commercial work for Ubisoft, Privateer Press and Sideshow Collectibles.

The Golden Apple faviconRumena Zlatkova is responsible for our online presence. She is a Media Production graduate who studied in the United Kingdom and has worked on big e-commerce and news websites. She is currently a junior project manager at

The Golden Apple faviconLuchezar Panov is our merchandise designer. He has two bachelor’s degrees from UNWE in International Relations and in Finance along with a master’s degree in Business Economics. He’s always been close to the movie industry and he’s currently running – the happiest wallpaper site on the internet.

The Golden Apple faviconIvan Popov (Ivo) is the marketing person in the team of “The Golden Apple”. His academic background is in advertising, visual arts and semiotics. He has nearly ten years of experience in copywriting, public relations and event management. When he’s not singing with one of his bands, Ivo hums to himself, which can be annoying.

The Golden Apple faviconOur lead consultant is Vihra Baeva, PhD., a member of the Bulgarian Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Studies.

Special thanks

  • Margarit Ralev &
  • Emil A. Georgiev &
  • Sava Komitski
  • Lyubomir Iliev
  • Alexandra Elezova
  • Antony Tonev
  • Elena Petrova
  • Rumen Petkov
  • Tom Kay
  • Antonia Doncheva
  • Stela Koycheva
  • Kaloyan Kirilov
  • Eneya Vorodecky
  • Ivan Savkov &
  • Stoimen Stoyanov